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Review questions

1Describe two ways to change your view of a document.
2How do you select tools in InDesign?
3Describe three ways to change the palette display.
4Describe two ways to get more information about the InDesign program.

Review answers

1You can select commands from the View menu to zoom in or out of a document, or fit it to your screen; you can also use the Zoom tools in the toolbox, and click or drag over a document to enlarge or reduce the view. In addition, you can use keyboard shortcuts to magnify or reduce the display. You can also use the Navigator palette to scroll through a document or change its magnification without using the document window.
2To select a tool, you can either click the tool in the toolbox or you can press the tool’s keyboard shortcut. For example, you can press V to select the Selection tool from the keyboard. You select hidden tools by clicking the triangle on a tool in the toolbox and dragging to select from the additional tools that appear.
3To make a palette appear, you can click its tab or choose its name on either the Window menu or the Type menu, for example, Window > Object Layout > Align. You can drag a palette’s tab to separate the palette from its group and create a new group, or drag the palette into another group. You can drag a palette group’s title bar to move the entire group. Double-click a palette’s tab to display palette titles only. You can also press Shift+Tab to hide or display all palettes, but keep the toolbox open.
4Adobe InDesign contains interactive Help, which includes keyboard shortcuts and full-color illustrations. You can also find links to training and support resources on the Adobe Systems web site, Adobe.com.



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