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Chapter 11. Creating eLearning Applications > Providing Student Feedback

Providing Student Feedback

Feedback is an important eLearning element. The student should be able to respond to questions and then receive an immediate response that either reinforces the decision or suggests alternatives. In Captivate, feedback can be provided via click boxes, buttons, and text entry boxes. This feedback takes the form of three types of captions—Success, Failure, and Hint—that you can add to these interactive elements. The Hint caption traditionally appears on a rollover. As well, the results of the decision can be used for scoring purposes.

To use a click box to provide feedback

Select the slide to which the click box will be added.

Insert a click box by either clicking the Click Box icon on the Object toolbar, selecting Insert > Click Box, or pressing the Control-Shift-K keys.

The “New click box” dialog box opens.

Select the Click Box tab and indicate the event that occurs upon success. (Full details regarding these choices are found in Chapter 7, “Adding Interactivity.”)

Select the Options tab and, in the Options area (Figure 11.7), indicate how long the box is visible on the screen, when it appears, and whether the caption will indicate success (a correct choice) or failure (an incorrect choice).

Figure 11.7. Click boxes can provide student feedback.

Also here, select “Hint caption” to have a Hint caption appear when the mouse rolls over the click box.

If the results of the click box are to be graded or scored, click the Scoring tab to and select “Keep score” (Figure 11.8).

Figure 11.8. The score can be tied to the LMS.

In the Weighting text entry box, enter a nondecimal value for the answer.

For example, if the question is worth one mark or point, enter 1 here.

If necessary, enter an objective ID.

This parameter refers to the objective for the action, which could be related to one set in your LMS. This is an optional field.

If necessary, enter an interaction ID.

This parameter refers to the interaction name of the action. Enter this information if you want the final SWF file to send tracking information to your LMS. This ID must match that specified by your LMS.

Click OK.

The “New click box” dialog box closes. The click box and the captions appear in the slide, and you can edit and reposition them on the screen (Figure 11.9).

Figure 11.9. A click box with feedback on a slide.



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