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Chapter 6. Adding Audio > Recording a Background Audio Track

Recording a Background Audio Track

You can add or record a background audio track—from a recorded narration or sound effect to a music track—that plays while the slides of the movie also play. You can also lower the volume of this track to avoid interference with other audio that may be playing. For example, you can import a music track from a CD or other source and have it loop—play continuously—for the entire movie. When slide-based sound starts to play—a voiceover explaining a technique, for example—the music track's volume will decrease.

To add background audio

In either the Storyboard View or Edit View panel, select Audio > Movie Background.

The Background Audio tab (Figure 6.10) of the Movie Preferences dialog box opens.

Figure 6.10. Add background audio in the Movie Preferences dialog box.

Add an MP3 or WAV audio track by clicking the Import button and navigating to the folder containing the audio track.

Select the track and click Open to return to the Background Audio tab.

To preview the track, click the Play button in the Audio controls.

If you want the audio to fade in or fade out, enter a value (in seconds) for the audio to fade in or fade out.

Select the “Lower background audio volume on slides with additional audio” option to lower the background sound's volume when a sound starts to play in a slide.

Select “Loop audio” to start playing the audio track from the beginning immediately after it ends.

Select “Stop audio at end of movie” to have the background audio stop playing, regardless of where the sound is currently playing when the movie stops playing.

Click OK.

The audio is added to the movie.



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