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Chapter 6. Adding Audio - Pg. 123

123 Chapter 6. Adding Audio Sound is so ubiquitous we hardly notice it. Yet, like the words in captions, it carries a lot of infor- mation. In many respects, audio can be the difference between a positive or negative user experi- ence. Sound can set the mood and reinforce the message you are trying to convey. Done right, the user will learn something from your movie. Do it wrong, and you can be guaranteed the user will eject the CD or leave the presentation in a very short time. Captivate enables you to add voiceover narrations, music, or sound effects to your movie. You can add audio, in the form of WAV and MP3 files, to movie slides in the same manner that you add images and texts. Though the preferred format is MP3, don't let this guide your efforts: Just as in Flash MX 2004, if you use a WAV file it will be converted to the MP3 format when the movie is compiled. You can also use Captivate to record voice over narrations and add them directly to your slides. When adding audio to your movie, the key issue will be the traditional tradeoff between sound quality and file size. A 16-bit stereo sound recorded at 44 kHz will be immense yet with quality equal to that