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Chapter 4. Views and Navigation > Showing and Hiding Page Elements

Showing and Hiding Page Elements

InDesign lets you show and hide your page guides and ruler guides with a single command: Show/Hide Guides from the View menu (or press Command-;/Ctrl-;). This command hides or shows the ruler and page guides. InDesign lets you independently hide or show other page properties, such as frame edges, baseline grid, and also master page items.

Frame Edges

By using the Hide Frame Edges command from the View menu (Command-H/Ctrl-H), you can often better position an item near a guide without the frame interfering with the view.

Baseline Grid

If you create multiple-column documents you probably should be using the baseline grid, which places horizontal lines across your document which you can use for alignment. Make the lines visible from the View menu by select Show Baseline Grid (or hide it by selecting Hide Baseline Grid). The keyboard shortcut is Command-Option-’/Ctrl-Alt-’ (single quote). The grid settings are based on the values in the Grids panel of the Preferences dialog box.

Text Threads

InDesign makes it easy to see which text frames are linked to each other. Turn on Show Text Threads from the View menu (Command-Option-Y/Ctrl-Alt-Y). You can hide the threads with the same command. Threads are visible when you’ve selected a text frame with the Selection tools.

Document Grid

InDesign has a grid you can display or hide by selecting Show/Hide Document Grid from the View menu (or press Command-’/Ctrl-’). The document grid can take the place of having to build your own guides. You can control the document grid settings in the Preferences dialog box.

Master Items

InDesign provides an innovative option which allows you to show or hide master page items. You can use this to easily determine what items are master page items versus local, individual page items. Select Display Master Items from the View menu.

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