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Table Shortcuts

As you might expect, InDesign has a number of keyboard shortcuts related to working with tables (see Table 6-2). Note that there are some very cool shortcuts that, by default, have no key assigned to them. Go to Row, in particular, is worth sacrificing an existing default shortcut for.

Table 6-2. Table Shortcuts
Diagonal Lines Optionsnot defined
Rows and Columns Optionsnot defined
Strokes and Fills Optionsnot defined
Text OptionsCommand-Option-B/Ctrl-Alt-B[*]
Convert Table to Textnot defined
Convert Text to Tablenot defined
Delete ColumnShift-Backspace[*]
Delete RowCommand-Backspace/Ctrl-Backspace[*]
Delete Tablenot defined
Distribute Columns Evenlynot defined
Distribute Rows Evenlynot defined
Go to Rownot defined
Insert TableCommand-Shift-Option-T/Ctrl-Alt-Shift-T
Insert ColumnCommand-Option-9/Ctrl-Alt-9[*]
Insert RowCommand-9/Ctrl-9[*]
Merge Cellsnot defined
Next CellTab
Previous CellShift-Tab
Select CellCommand-/(slash)/Ctrl-/(slash) or Esc[*]
Select ColumnCommand-Option-3/Ctrl-Alt-3[*]
Select RowCommand-3/Ctrl-3[*]
Select TableCommand-Option-A/Ctrl-Alt-A
Split Cell Horizontallynot defined
Split Cell Verticallynot defined
Alternating Column Strokesnot defined
Alternating Fillsnot defined
Alternating Row Strokesnot defined
Table SetupCommand-Option-T/Ctrl-Alt-T[*]

[*] This command is only active when you have an active text insertion point in a text frame or table cell.



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