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Chapter 1. The Basics > What's an XTension?

What's an XTension?

Shopping for XTensions

Some XTensions are sold individually, whereas others are sold in a bundle, such as XPert Tools Pro. Luckily, most XTensions are available in a demo version so you can try them out before shelling out beans.

For a directory of XTensions, visit the Quark Web site: www.quark.com/products/xtensions, then click XTensions Catalog. You can conduct a search or download the PDF catalog. For a list of domestic and international distributors, click Where to Buy. You'll also find a link on that page for downloading free XTensions, as well as XTension betas, demos, and updaters (to get there directly, go to www.quark.com/support/downloads). Make sure whatever you download is 6.0-compatible!

If you prefer to shop from an assortment of developers via one distributor, one option is to go to www.thepowerxchange.com (click QuarkXPress on their home page).

Ask whichever manufacturer or distributor you purchase your XTensions from what their upgrade policy is and what technical support they offer, if any.

And while you're at it, check out this site for QuarkXPress tips and resources (even XTensions info): www.xpressobar.com (no relation to Quark, Inc.).

QuarkXPress doesn't do everything. In fact, one of its strengths is that third-party developers have written hundreds of add-on software modules for the program, called XTensions, that extend or enhance its features. XTensions perform a variety of tasks, from simple object alignment to catalog databasing, and they range in price from petty cash to hundreds of dollars.



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