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Chapter 2. Startup > Appending specifications

Appending specifications

Using the Append dialog box, you can append one or more style sheets, colors, H&Js, lists, and dashes & stripes from one project to another. In addition, as of QuarkXPress version 6, you can also append hyperlinks, menus, meta tags, font families, and cascading menus.

To append specifications from one project to another:

Open the file you want to append to.

Choose File > Append (Cmd-Option-A/Ctrl-Alt-A).


Click Append in the Style Sheets, Colors, H&Js, Lists, or Dashes & Stripes, Hyperlinks dialog box (or Menus, Meta Tags, CSS Font Families, Cascading Menus in Web layouts).

Locate and click the name of the file that contains the components that you want to append, then click Open. You can append from a library file.


Only specifications that were saved with the file that you're appending from will show up on the list.

Click a category on the left side of the dialog box.

In the Available column, click the name of the style sheet, color, H&J, list, dashes & stripes style, or other component you want to append .


To append multiple components, click the first component in a series of consecutively listed components, then Shift-click the last in the series. Or Cmd-click/Ctrl-click to select/deselect individual components.

Click the right-pointing arrow .

Click OK. A warning prompt may appear . Check “Do not show this warning again” to prevent the prompt from reappearing, if desired, then click OK again.

Click OK when this warning prompt appears.

Quick-and-dirty append

If text to which a style sheet or sheets have been applied is pasted from another file using the Clipboard, drag-copied from another file, or retrieved from a library, the style sheet or sheets will be appended—barring any name conflicts. Colors and H&Js can also be appended this way.

If an appending component has the same name as a component in the file you're appending to, the Append Conflict dialog box will open. Do one of the following for each conflict that arises:

Note: To have the same response be applied automatically to any remaining conflicts, check Repeat For All Conflicts before clicking Rename, Auto-Rename, Use New, or Use Existing.

To keep the existing component, append the new component, and rename an individual component yourself, click Rename , type a new name, then click OK.


To have an asterisk be inserted automatically next to the name of any appending component that has a match in the open, destination project, click Auto-Rename.


To replace the existing item with the appending component, click Use New .


To cancel the append of that item, click Use Existing .

Click OK.



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