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Chapter 24. Print > Capture the settings

Capture the settings

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Just to whet your appetite, here's an abbreviated list of output-related XTensions and their features. Some of these XTensions are available for Mac OS X only, and some are available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

BureauManager (CompuSense Ltd.) prepares files for an output service provider, generates a report and list of instructions, collects files, and searches for missing picture files.

Printools XT (Badia Software) previews printed pages, tiles oversized layouts, allows you to change print settings from a palette, prints individual items, produces document reports, and tracks revisions.

BigPicture XT (Badia Software) manages links between pictures files and QuarkXPress projects, lists picture data, displays picture thumbnails, renames picture files, and searches for missing pictures.

XPert ItemMarks XT (in XPert Tools Pro, by a lowly apprentice production, inc.) creates customized crop marks, registration marks, color bars, etc. for whole pages or individual items.

SpecTackler (GLUON, Inc.) marks each item on a page with a tag containing either text and paragraph specifications or picture data (e.g., scale, resolution, dimensions, name).

Click Capture Settings in the Print dialog box to save the current print settings in the current print layout. The next time you open the Print dialog box, those captured settings will be the Default settings. Each time you choose other print options or choose another print style and then click Capture Settings, the new settings become the Default settings.



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