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Chapter 23. Preferences > Display - Pg. 711

Preferences 711 XTensions Manager, Print Styles Saves in the current layout and in XPress Preferences Kerning Table Edit, Tracking Edit, Hyphenation Exceptions Saves only in the current print layout Print Layout Preferences (General, Measurements, Paragraph, Character, Tools, Trapping, Quark CMS, and Layers), open or create auxiliary dictionary Saves only in the current Web layout Web Layout Preferences (General, Measurements, Paragraph, Character, Tools, Layers) In addition to the preferences that you can choose via the Preferences dialog box, you can also set other kinds of very useful defaults for the application. For example, any paragraph or character style sheet that's created or appended when no projects are open will appear on the Style Sheets palette of subsequently created projects. The same holds true for colors, H&Js, lists, dashes & stripes, the default auxiliary dictionary, and in Web layouts, meta tags, menus, and cascading menus. Normal, the default style sheet that automatically appears in every new project and in any text box to which type specifications have not yet been applied can be edited for all future layouts when no projects are open. Don't overlook these kinds of defaults--they're enormous time-savers! Tracking and kerning table settings, custom frame data, and hyphenation exceptions are stored in individual projects and in User Name/Library/Preferences/Quark/QuarkXPress 6.0, in a file called XPress Preferences.prf. If, upon opening a file, the project settings don't match the XPress Prefer- ences settings, an alert dialog box will appear. Click Use XPress Preferences (Cmd-./Esc) to apply the preferences resident on that machine, or click Keep Document Settings (Return/Enter) to leave the project as is (see the sidebar).