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Appendix B. Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix B. Keyboard Shortcuts

 Mac OS XWindows
Show/hide palettes
Display Measurements palette and highlight first field (item selected)Cmd-Option-MCtrl+Alt+M
Page LayoutF10F4
Style SheetsF11F11
Trap InformationOption-F12Ctrl+F12
Dialog boxes
OK (or heavy bordered button)Return or EnterEnter
Display next paneCmd-Option-TabCtrl+Tab
Display previous paneCmd-Option-Shift-TabCtrl+Shift+Tab
CancelCmd-. (period) or EscEsc
Apply (Mac OS X only)Cmd-A 
Highlight fieldDouble-clickDouble-click
Select consecutive items on listShift-clickShift+click
Select nonconsecutive items on listCmd-clickCtrl+click
Dialog boxes and palettes
Highlight next fieldTabTab
Highlight previous fieldShift-TabShift+Tab
Revert to original valuesCmd-Z or F1Ctrl+Shift+Z
Tools palette
Select next toolCmd-Option-TabCtrl+Alt+Tab
Select previous toolCmd-Option-Shift-TabCtrl+Alt+Shift+Tab
Item tool/Content tool toggleShift-F8Shift+F8
Turn Content tool into temporary Item toolCmdCtrl
Keep a tool selectedOption-click toolAlt+click tool
CutCmd-X or F2Ctrl+X
CopyCmd-C or F3Ctrl+C
PasteCmd-V or F4Ctrl+V
Paste in placeCmd-Option-Shift-VCtrl+Alt+Shift+V
Whole project
New Project dialog boxCmd-NCtrl+N
New Library dialog boxCmd-Option-NCtrl+Alt+N
Open dialog boxCmd-OCtrl+O
Save As dialog boxCmd-Option-SCtrl+Alt+S
Quit/ExitCmd-QCtrl+Q or Alt+F4
Revert to last Auto SaveOption-Revert to SavedAlt+Revert to Saved
Close active projectCmd-WCtrl+F4
Mac OS X only: Close all open QuarkXPress filesCmd-Option-W or Option-click Close button 
Hide QuarkXPressCmd-H 
Hide OthersCmd-Option-H 
UndoCmd-Z or F1Ctrl+Z
Redo (see page 414)Cmd-Shift-ZAlt+Shift+Z
Fit in WindowCmd-0 (zero) or Ctrl-click > Fit in WindowCtrl+0 (zero) or Right-click > Fit in Window
Fit pasteboard in project windowOption-choose Fit in Window or Cmd-Option-0Alt+Fit choose in Window or Ctrl+Alt+0 (zero)
Actual SizeCmd-1 or Ctrl-click > Actual SizeCtrl+1 or Right-click > Actual Size
Zoom inControl-Shift-click[*] or drag or Cmd- + (plus)[**]Ctrl+Space bar click or drag
Zoom outControl-Option-click or Cmd- – (minus)[**]Ctrl+Alt+Space bar click
Highlight view percent fieldControl VCtrl+Alt+V
ThumbnailsShift-F6 or enter “T” in View Percent field (press Return)Shift F6 or enter “T” in View Percent field (press Enter)
Change to 200%, then toggle between 100% and 200%Cmd-Option-clickCtrl+Alt+click
Stop redrawCmd-. (period)Esc
Force redrawCmd-Option-. (period)Shift+Esc
Show/hide Baseline GridOption-F7Ctrl+F7
Rulers and guides
Show/hide GuidesF7F7
Snap to Guides (toggle)Shift-F7Shift+F7
Show/hide RulersCmd-RCtrl+R
Delete all horizontal ruler guides from page (no pasteboard showing)Option-click horizontal rulerAlt+click horizontal ruler
Delete all vertical ruler guides from page (no pasteboard showing)Option-click vertical rulerAlt+click vertical ruler
Project windows
Stack or tile/cascade or tile project windowsShift-click project title bar and choose Stack or TileWindow > Cascade, or Tile Horizontally, or Tile Vertically (no shortcut)
Maximize project windowClick zoom buttonF3
Activate open project window (Mac OS X only)Shift-click project window title bar and choose file name from pop-up menu 
Stack or tile/cascade or tile to Actual Size(Hold Control) Window > Stack/Tile[†](Hold Ctrl+Alt) Window > Cascade/Tile
Stack or tile/cascade or tile to Fit in Window(Hold Cmd) Window > Stack/Tile[†](Hold Ctrl) Window > Cascade/Tile
Stack or tile/cascade or tile to Thumbnails(Hold Option) Window > Stack/Tile[†](Hold Alt) Window > Cascade/Tile
Navigate in a layout
Go To Page dialog boxCmd-JCtrl+J
Start of layout/storyControl A or HomeCtrl+Home
End of layout/storyControl D or EndCtrl+End
Up one screenControl K or Page UpPage Up
Down one screenControl L or Page DownPage Down
To first pageControl Shift-A or Shift-HomeCtrl+Page Up
To last pageShift-EndCtrl+Page Down
To previous pageShift-Page UpShift+Page Up
To next pageShift-Page DownShift+Page Down
To previous even or odd pageOption-Page UpAlt+Page Up
To next even or odd pageOption-Page DownAlt+Page Down
Page Grabber Hand (any tool except Zoom)Option-dragAlt+drag
Toggle master/layout page displayShift-F10Shift+F4
Display next master pageOption-F10Ctrl+Shift+F4
Display previous master pageOption-Shift-F10Ctrl+Shift+F3
Enable Live Scroll if off in Preferences > Interactive, or disable if onOption-drag scroll boxAlt+drag scroll box
Modify dialog boxCmd-M or double-click item with Item toolCtrl+M or double-click item with Item tool
Modify dialog box, Frame paneCmd-BCtrl+B
Delete itemCmd-KCtrl+K
Constrain rotation to increment of 45° with Rotation toolShift while rotatingShift while rotating
Move item (Content tool)Cmd-dragCtrl+drag
Nudge item 1 pointArrow keysArrow keys
Nudge item pointOption-arrow keysAlt+Arrow keys
Constrain movement to horizontal/vertical (Item tool)Shift-dragShift+drag
Constrain movement to horizontal/vertical (Content tool)Cmd-Shift-dragCtrl+Shift+drag
Multiple items
Select All (Item tool)Cmd-ACtrl+A
Select multiple items (Item tool)Shift-click or marqueeShift+click or marquee
Move item in a group (Content tool)Cmd-dragCtrl+drag
Resize group proportionallyCmd-Option-Shift drag handleCtrl+Alt-Shift+drag handle
Step and Repeat dialog boxCmd-Option-DCtrl+Alt+D
Select behind other itemsCmd-Option-Shift-clickCtrl+Alt+Shift+click
Bring to FrontF5F5
Send to BackShift-F5Shift+F5
Bring Forward one levelOption-Item menu > Bring Forward or Option-F5Ctrl+F5
Send Backward one levelOption-Item menu > Send Backward or Option-Shift-F5Ctrl+Shift+F5
Space/Align dialog box (multiple items selected)Cmd-, (comma)Ctrl+, (comma)
Select text
Show/Hide InvisiblesCmd-ICtrl+I
One word (no punctuation mark)Double-clickDouble-click
One word (with punctuation mark)Double-click between word and punctuationDouble-click between word and punctuation
One lineTriple-clickTriple-click
One paragraphClick four times quicklyClick four times quickly
Entire story (Content tool)Click five times quickly or Cmd-AClick five times quickly or Ctrl+A
With cursor in text (keep pressing arrow to extend the selection):
Previous characterShift-left arrowShift+left arrow
Next characterShift-right arrowShift+right arrow
Previous lineShift-up arrowShift+up arrow
Next lineShift-down arrowShift+down arrow
Previous wordCmd-Shift-left arrowCtrl+Shift+left arrow
Next wordCmd-Shift-right arrowCtrl+Shift+right arrow
From the text insertion point to:
Start of paragraphCmd-Shift-up arrowCtrl+Shift+up arrow
End of paragraphCmd-Shift-down arrowCtrl+Shift+down arrow
Start of lineCmd-Option-Shift-left arrowCtrl+Alt+Shift+left arrow or Shift+Home
End of lineCmd-Option-Shift-right arrowCtrl+Alt+Shift+right arrow or Shift+End
Start of storyCmd-Option-Shift-up arrowCtrl+Alt+Shift+up arrow or Ctrl+Shift+Home
End of storyCmd-Option-Shift-down arrowCtrl+Alt+Shift+down arrow or Ctrl+Shift+End
Move the text insertion point
Character-by-characterLeft and right arrowsLeft and right arrows
Line-by-lineUp and down arrowsUp and down arrows
Word-by-wordCmd-left and right arrowsCtrl+left and right arrows
Paragraph-by-paragraphCmd-up and down arrowsCtrl+up and down arrows
Start of lineCmd-Option-left arrowCtrl+Alt+left arrow or Home
End of lineCmd-Option-right arrowCtrl+Alt+right arrow or End
Start of storyCmd-Option-up arrowCtrl+Alt+up arrow or Ctrl+Home
End of storyCmd-Option-down arrowCtrl+Alt+down arrow Ctrl+End
Drag and drop text
Drag-copy[*] (Drag and Drop Text on in Preferences > Interactive)Shift-dragShift+drag
Delete text
Previous characterDeleteBackspace
Next characterShift-Delete or Del keyDelete or Shift+Backspace
Previous wordCmd DeleteCtrl+Backspace
Next wordCmd-Shift-DeleteCtrl+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
Selected charactersDeleteBackspace
Resize text
Open Character Attributes dialog box, Size field highlightedCmd-Shift-\Ctrl+Shift+\
Increase size to preset sizeCmd-Shift->Ctrl+Shift+>
Increase size by 1 pointCmd-Option-Shift->Ctrl+Alt+Shift+>
Decrease size to preset sizeCmd-Shift-<Ctrl+Shift+<
Decrease size by 1 pointCmd-Option-Shift-<Ctrl+Alt+Shift+<
Resize text and box[*]Cmd-drag handleCtrl+drag handle
Resize text and box proportionally[*]Cmd-Option-Shift-drag handleCtrl+Alt+Shift+drag handle
Text flow
Get text dialog box (Content tool)Cmd-ECtrl+E
Current page number (use on master page or layout page)Cmd-3Ctrl+3
Previous text box page numberCmd-2Ctrl+2
Next text box page numberCmd-4Ctrl+4
Next columnEnterKeypad Enter
Next boxShift-EnterShift+Keypad Enter
Save TextCmd-Option-ECtrl+Alt+E
Open Insert Pages dialog boxOption-drag master page into layout page areaAlt+drag master page into layout page area
Delete selected page icons on Page Layout palette, bypass promptOption-click Delete buttonAlt+click Delete button
Apply master pageSelect layout page icon(s), then Option-click master page iconSelect layout page icon(s), then Alt+click master page icon
Paragraph formats
Paragraph Attributes dialog box, Formats paneCmd-Shift-FCtrl+Shift+F
Paragraph Attributes dialog box, Leading fieldCmd-Shift-ECtrl+Shift+E
Paragraph Attributes dialog box, Tabs paneCmd-Shift-TCtrl+Shift+T
Paragraph Attributes dialog box, Rules paneCmd-Shift-NCtrl+Shift+N
Increase leading 1 pointCmd-Shift-"Ctrl+Shift+"
Decrease leading 1 pointCmd-Shift-:Ctrl+Shift+:
Increase leading pointCmd-Option-Shift-"Ctrl+Alt+Shift+"
Decrease leading pointCmd-Option-Shift-:Ctrl+Alt+Shift+:
Delete all tab stopsOption-click tabs rulerAlt+click tabs ruler
Right indent tabOption-Tab (in text box)Shift+Tab
Display Suggested HyphenationCmd-Option-Shift-HCtrl+Alt+Shift+H
Set button in Tabs pane in Paragraph Attributes dialog boxCmd-SAlt+S
Open H&Js dialog boxCmd-Option-J or Option-Shift-F11Ctrl+Alt+J or Ctrl+Shift+F11
Copy formats from one paragraph to another in the same storySelect paragraph to be formatted, then Option-Shift-click in source paragraphSelect paragraph to be formatted, then Alt+Shift+click in source paragraph
Display measurements palette and highlight font fieldCmd-Option-Shift-MCtrl+Alt+Shift+M
Display measurements palette and insert cursor in font fieldShift-F9Shift+F9
Select next fontHighlight text, then Option-F9Highlight text, then Ctrl+F9
Select previous fontHighlight text, then Option-Shift-F9Highlight text, then Ctrl+Shift+F9
Insert one Zapf Dingbats character[*]Cmd-Option-Z, then type characterCtrl+Shift+Z, then type character
Insert one Symbol characterCmd-Option-Q, then type characterCtrl+Shift+Q, then type character
Baseline shift
Baseline Shift-upward 1 pointCmd-Option-Shift-+ (plus)Ctrl+Alt+Shift+)
Baseline Shift-downward 1 pointCmd-Option-Shift-– (minus)Ctrl+Alt+Shift+(
Style text
Character Attributes dialog boxCmd-Shift-DCtrl+Shift+D
Text style toggles:
Plain textCmd-Shift-PCtrl+Shift+P
Word UnderlineCmd-Shift-WCtrl+Shift+W
All CapsCmd-Shift-KCtrl+Shift+K
Small CapsCmd-Shift-HCtrl+Shift+H
Strike ThruCmd-Shift-/Ctrl+Shift+/
SuperscriptCmd-Shift-+ (plus)Ctrl+Shift+0 (zero)
SubscriptCmd-Shift-– (minus)Ctrl+Shift+9
Horizontal alignment of text
Left alignmentCmd-Shift-LCtrl+Shift+L
Right alignmentCmd-Shift-RCtrl+Shift+R
Center alignmentCmd-Shift-CCtrl+Shift+C
Justified alignmentCmd-Shift-JCtrl+Shift+J
Forced justifyCmd-Option-Shift-JCtrl+Alt+Shift+J
Tracking and kerning
Increase Kerning/Tracking 10 unitsCmd-Shift-]Ctrl+Shift+]
Decrease Kerning/Tracking 10 unitsCmd-Shift-[Ctrl+Shift+[
Increase Kerning/Tracking 1 unitCmd-Option-Shift-]Ctrl+Alt+Shift+]
Decrease Kerning/Tracking 1 unitCmd-Option-Shift-[Ctrl+Alt+Shift+[
Horizontal/vertical type scale
Decrease scale 5%Cmd-[Ctrl+2
Increase scale 5%Cmd-]Ctrl+1
Decrease scale 1%Cmd-Option-[Ctrl+Alt+2
Increase scale 1%Cmd-Option-]Ctrl+Alt+1
Word space tracking
Increase Word Space 10 unitsCmd-Shift-Control ]Ctrl+Shift+2
Decrease Word Space 10 unitsCmd-Shift-Control [Ctrl+Shift+1
Increase Word Space 1 unitCmd-Option-Shift-Control ]Ctrl+Alt+Shift+2
Decrease Word Space 1 unitCmd-Option-Shift-Control [Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1
Special text characters
New paragraphReturnEnter
New lineShift-ReturnShift+Enter
Indent hereCmd-\Ctrl+\
Discretionary new lineCmd-ReturnCtrl+Enter
Discretionary hyphenCmd-- (hyphen)Ctrl+- (hyphen)
Nonbreaking standard hyphenCmd-=Ctrl+=
Nonbreaking standard spaceCmd-Space bar or Cmd-5Ctrl+5
Breaking en spaceOption-Space barCtrl+Shift+6
Nonbreaking en spaceCmd-Option-Space bar or Cmd-Option-5Ctrl+Alt+Shift+6
Breaking flex spaceOption-Shift-Space barCtrl+Shift+5
Nonbreaking flex spaceCmd-Option-Shift-Space barCtrl+Alt+Shift+5
Nonbreaking en dashOption-- (hyphen)Ctrl+Alt+Shift+- (hyphen)
Break at discretionary hyphen onlyCmd-- (hyphen) before first character in wordCtrl+-(hyphen) before first character in word
Nonbreaking em dashCmd-Option-=Ctrl+Alt+Shift+=
Breaking em dashOption-Shift-- (hyphen)Ctrl+Shift+=
Breaking punctuation spaceShift-Space barShift+Space
Nonbreaking punctuation spaceCmd-Shift-Space barCtrl+Shift+Space
For quotation marks, see page 130
Resize tables
Resize table, rows, and columns (not content) proportionallyOption-Shift-dragAlt+Shift+drag
Resize table, rows, columns, and content non-proportionallyCmd-dragCtrl+drag
Resize table to a square; contentdoesn't resizeShift-dragShift+drag
Resize table, rows, columns, and content proportionallyCmd-Option-Shift-dragCtrl+Alt+Shift+drag
Resize table, rows, and columns (not content) non-proportionallyNo modifier keys 
Jump between table cells (non-linked cells only)
Jump from one cell to the right or from the end of a row to the beginning of the next rowControl-TabCtrl+Tab
Jump back to previous cellControl-Shift-TabCtrl+Shift+Tab
Jump one character at a time within a cell or from the end of one cell to the beginning of the next cellRight arrowRight arrow
Import a picture
Get Picture dialog box (Item or Content tool)Cmd-ECtrl+E
Grayscale to black-and-white, or color to grayscaleCmd-OpenCtrl+Open
Pictures and picture boxes or Béziers
Center picture in boxCmd-Shift-MCtrl+Shift+M
Move picture in box 1 pointArrow keys (Content tool)Arrow keys (Content tool)
Move picture in box pointOption-arrow keys (Content tool)Alt+arrow keys (Content tool)
Fit picture to boxCmd-Shift-FCtrl+Shift+F
Fit picture to box (maintain aspect ratio)Cmd-Option-Shift-FCtrl+Alt+Shift+F
Enlarge picture in 5% incrementsCmd-Option-Shift->Ctrl+Alt+Shift+>
Reduce picture in 5% incrementsCmd-Option-Shift-<Ctrl+Alt+Shift+<
Constrain item or bounding box to square or circleShift-dragShift+drag
Resize box proportionallyOption-Shift-dragAlt+Shift+drag
Resize picture and box (Item > Edit > Shape off for Béziers)Cmd-dragCtrl+drag
Resize picture and box (constrain proportions of box, not picture)Cmd-Shift-dragCtrl+Shift+drag
Resize picture and box (maintain aspect ratio)Cmd-Option-Shift-dragCtrl+Alt+Shift+drag
Picture styling (grayscale)
Picture Contrast dialog boxCmd-Shift-CCtrl+Shift+C
NegativeCmd-Shift- -(hyphen)Ctrl+Shift+- (hyphen)
Halftone (grayscale, line art only)Cmd-Shift-HCtrl+Shift+H
Modify dialog box, Runaround paneCmd-TCtrl+T
Edit runaround path (Non-White Areasor Picture Bounds Type)Option-F4Ctrl+F10
Modify dialog box, Clipping paneCmd-Option-TCtrl+Alt+T
Edit clipping pathOption-Shift-F4Ctrl+Shift+F10
Increase width to preset sizeCmd-Shift->Ctrl+Shift+>
Increase width by 1 pointCmd-Option-Shift->Ctrl+Alt+Shift+>
Decrease width to preset sizeCmd-Shift-<Ctrl+Shift+<
Decrease width by 1 pointCmd-Option-Shift-<Ctrl+Alt+Shift+<
Line Width field, Modify dialog boxCmd-Shift-\Ctrl+Shift+\
Constrain angle to increment of 45°Shift-dragShift+drag
Constrain to current angleOption-Shift-dragAlt+Shift+drag
Bézier box or line (or clipping path)
Item > Edit > Shape toggle on/offShift-F4F10
Add a point[*]Option-click line segmentAlt+click line segment
Delete a point[*]Option-click pointAlt+click point
Constrain movement of line, point, or handle to increment of 45°[*]Shift-dragShift+drag
Temporarily suspend text reflowSpace barSpace bar
Retract one curve handleOption-click handleAlt+click handle
Retract both curve handlesControl-Shift-click point[**]Ctrl+Shift+click point
Expose/create curve handleControl-Shift-drag point[**]Ctrl+Shift+drag point
Select all points in active item (combined items)Cmd-Shift-A or triple-click pointCtrl+Shift+A or triple-click point
Select all points in active item (single path)Double-click point or Cmd-Shift-ACtrl+Shift+A or double-click point
Convert Bézier line to filled-center Bézier boxOption-Item menu > Shape >Alt+item menu > Shape >
As Bézier is being drawn
Move point or adjust handleCmdCtrl
Convert corner point to smooth PointCmd-Option-Ctrl-drag from corner pointCtrl+click, press Ctrl-F2, then drag from corner point
Convert smooth point to corner PointCmd-Option-Ctrl-click smooth pointCtrl+Alt+click smooth point
Retract one curve handleCmd-Option click curve handleCtrl+Alt+click curve handle
Delete selected Bézier point while drawing shapeDeleteBackspace
Convert Bézier point
To a corner pointOption-F1Ctrl+F1
To a smooth pointOption-F2Ctrl+F2
To a symmetrical pointOption-F3Ctrl+F3
Corner to smoothCmd-Option-Ctrl-drag from pointCtrl+Shift+drag from point
Smooth to cornerCmd-Option-Ctrl-click pointCtrl+Alt+Shift+click point
Convert Bézier segment
Curved to a straight segmentOption-Shift-F1Ctrl+Shift+F1
Straight to a curved segmentOption-Shift-F2Ctrl+Shift+F2
Style sheets
Open Style Sheets dialog boxShift-F11Shift+F11
Open Edit Style Sheet dialog boxCmd-click style sheet with Content toolCtrl+click style sheet with Content tool
Display Edit Style Sheet menuCtrl-click style sheet nameRight+click style sheet name
Apply No Style, then style sheetOption-click style name on Style Sheets paletteAlt+click style name on Style Sheets palette
Open Colors dialog boxCmd-click color on Colors palette or Shift-F12Ctrl+click color on Color palette or Shift+F12
Apply color to multiple items via Colors paletteSelect one item, then Cmd-drag swatch over each itemSelect one item, then Ctrl+drag swatch over each item
Anchored boxes
Text to box (anchor box and delete text)Option-choose Style menu > Text to BoxAlt+choose Style menu > Text to Box
Check spelling
Check Spelling > WordCmd-LCtrl+W
Check Spelling > StoryCmd-Option-LCtrl+Alt+W
Check Spelling > LayoutCmd-Option-Shift-LCtrl+Alt+Shift+W
In the Check Spelling dialog box:
Add current suspect word to open auxiliary dictionaryCmd-AAlt+A
Add all suspect words to current auxiliary dictionaryOption-Shift-click Done buttonAlt+Shift+click Close button
Find/Change paletteCmd-FCtrl-F
Change Find Next button to Find First in Find/ChangeHold down OptionHold down Alt
Close Find/Change paletteCmd-Option-FCtrl+Alt+F
Wild card (Find what)Cmd-?Ctrl+?
SpaceSpace barSpace bar
Tab\t\t or Ctrl+Tab
New paragraphCmd-Return or \pCtrl+Enter or \p
New lineCmd-Shift-Return or \nCtrl+Shift+Enter or \n
New columnCmd-Enter or \c\c
New boxCmd-Shift-Enter or \b\b
Punctuation spaceCmd-. (period) or \.Ctrl+. (period) or \.
Flex spaceCmd-Shift-F or \fCtrl+Shift+F or \f
BackslashCmd-\ or \\Ctrl+\ or \\
Previous box page number characterCmd-2 or \2Ctrl+2 or \2
Current box page number characterCmd-3 or \3Ctrl+3 or \3
Next box page number characterCmd-4 or \4Ctrl+4 or \4
Utilities > Line Check command, jump to next instanceCmd-;Ctrl+;
Add highlighted entryCmd-Option-Shift-ICtrl+Alt+Shift+I
Edit highlighted index entry (Mac OS X only)Double-click 
Compare components
Compare two style sheets, colors, lists, H&Js, dashes & stripes, or print stylesOpen dialog box from Edit menu, Cmd-click two components, then Option-click Append (Import button in Print Styles)Open dialog box from Edit menu, Ctrl+click two components, then Alt+ click Append (Import button in Print Styles)
Page Properties dialog box (Web layouts only)Cmd-Option-Shift-ACtrl+Alt+Shift+A
New XML dialog boxCmd-Shift-XCtrl+Shift+X
Preferences dialog box, last displayed paneCmd-Option-Shift-YCtrl+Alt+Shift+Y
Preferences dialog box, Paragraph paneCmd-Option-YCtrl+Alt+Y
Preferences dialog box, Trapping paneOption-Shift-F12Ctrl+Shift+F12
Preferences dialog box, Tools paneDouble-click item creation or Zoom toolDouble-click item creation or Zoom tool
Print dialog box, Setup paneCmd-Option-PCtrl+Alt+P
Save Page as EPSCmd-Option-Shift-SCtrl+Alt+Shift+S
Usage dialog box, Font UsageF13F2
Usage dialog box, Picture UsageOption-F13 
Note: If an F key is chosen as a Keyboard Equivalent for a style sheet, it will override that F key's default command.

[*] If Control Key Activates: Zoom is chosen in Preferences > Interactive, omit Shift

[**] For Cmd-+ or Cmd-–, if Content tool is chosen, deselect all items first

[†] Or add Shift to shortcut, click project window title bar, and choose command from pop-up menu

[*] If Drag and Drop Text is off in Preferences > Interactive, press Cmd-Control to move, or press Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-drag to move a copy

[*] Works on nonlinked text items only. For type on a path, turn off Item > Edit > Shape.

[*] For this keyboard shortcut to work, in Preferences > Application > Undo, the Redo Key setting must be Cmd-Shift-Z/Ctrl-Shift-Z.

[*] With Edit > Shape checked

[**] If Zoom (instead of Contextual Menu) is the current Control Key Activates setting in Preferences > Application > Interactive, omit the Shift key.



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