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Chapter 18. Béziers > The Bézier shortcuts

The Bézier shortcuts

If you're new to Béziers, skip this page for now. Once you've learned the Bézier fundamentals and you're ready to speed things up, come back and add some of these shortcuts to your repertoire.

Convert point to cornerSelect point, then Option-F1/Ctrl-F1
Convert point to smoothSelect point, then Option-F2/Ctrl-F2
Convert point to symmetricalSelect point, then Option-F3/Ctrl-F3
Add pointOption-click/Alt-click line segment
Delete pointOption-click/Alt-click point
Convert to straight segmentSelect segment, then Option-Shift-F1/Ctrl-Shift-F1
Convert to curved segmentSelect segment, then Option-Shift-F2/Ctrl-Shift-F2
Path editing on/offShift-F4/F10
Select all the points on an itemDouble-click a point or Click one point, then Cmd-Shift-A/Ctrl-Shift-A (triple-click to select all the points in a merged paths item)
Select multiple points individuallyShift-click each point
Convert corner point to smooth Cmd-Option-Control-drag/Ctrl-Shift-drag from point
Snap point or handle to increment of 45°Shift-drag
Retract one curve handleOption-click/Alt-click handle
Retract curve handlesControl-Shift-click/Ctrl-Shift-click point
Expose curve handlesControl-Shift-drag/Ctrl-Shift-drag from point
As a path is being drawn
Convert corner point to curve point, or vice versa Cmd-Option-Ctrl-click last curve point or drag from last corner point (Mac OS X); Ctrl-click last curve point, then press Ctrl-F1 or Ctrl-F2
Retract one curve handleCmd-Option-click/Ctrl-Alt click curve handle
Move point or adjust handleCmd-drag/Ctrl-drag



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