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Chapter 24. Layers > Differences from QuarkXPress 5 Layers

Differences from QuarkXPress 5 Layers

If you’ve worked with layers in QuarkXPress 5, there are a few other important points to consider.

  • When you group objects which are on different layers in InDesign, all of the objects move to the frontmost layer on which you selected an object. (QuarkXPress 5 allows groups to incorporate items from different layers.)

  • You can place guides on specific layers, which you can’t do in XPress.

  • InDesign lets you assign master page objects to different layers (XPress’s layers are off-limits on master pages). Master page objects on a particular layer appear behind other objects on the same layer unless you override the objects (see Chapter 33 for more about working with master page objects).

  • InDesign won’t let you suppress the printing of objects on an individual layer, while XPress can. You can, however, accomplish this by hiding the layer.

  • There is no way to turn off the text wrap (runaround) of objects on layers, even when the layer is hidden (XPress offers this as an option).

  • When you select objects on different layers and paste them elsewhere in your document, InDesign retains their layer assignment. You can do this by first turning on the Paste Remembers Layers option in the Layers palette flyout menu. When this option is not selected, all pasted objects are placed on the target layer. QuarkXPress 5 always pastes to the target layer.

  • There is no way to import layering from a QuarkXPress 5 file. InDesign only imports QuarkXPress 4 files, and if you save a QuarkXPress 5 file into the QuarkXPress 4 format, its layers will be flattened into one.



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