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On your own

Try some of the following ideas for working with InDesign transparency options:

Scroll to a blank area of the pasteboard and create some shapes (using the drawing tools or by importing new copies of some of the image files used in this lesson). Position your shapes so that they overlap each other, at least partially. Then:

  • Select the topmost object in your arrangement of shapes and experiment with other blending modes, such as Luminosity, Hard Light, and Difference, by selecting them in the Transparency palette. Then select a different object and select the same blending modes to compare the results. When you have a sense of what the various modes do, select all your objects and select Normal as the blending mode.

  • In the Transparency palette, change the Opacity value of some of the objects but not others. Then select different objects in your arrangement and use the Object > Send Backwards and Object > Bring Forward commands to observe different results.

  • Experiment with combinations of different opacities and different blending modes applied to an object. Then do the same with other objects that partially overlap the first object to explore the enormous number of different effects you can create.

Double-click the page 1 icon in the Pages palette to center it in the document window. Then try clicking the eye icons for the different Art layers one at a time, to see the differences this creates in the overall effect of the project.

Choose Help > InDesign Help. At the top of the left pane of the Help window, click Search. Then in the Find Pages Containing box, type Creating, saving, and loading, and then click Search. After a short wait, click “Creating, saving, and loading custom flattener styles” in the lower area of the left pane to open that topic in the right pane. Then follow the procedure described there for creating a flattener style for exporting transparency pages to PDF.



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