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Lesson 2. Setting Up Your Document > Overriding master-page items on document p...

Overriding master-page items on document pages

The placeholders you added to the master pages appear on the document pages, but you cannot select them simply by clicking them. InDesign works this way so that you won't accidentally remove or edit master-page objects. However, you can override items on a master page to customize individual document pages. You'll now replace the word “Title” with “History of Origami.”

To make sure you're on page 2, select 2 from the Pages pop-up list in the status bar at the bottom of the document window.

If necessary, adjust your view so that you can see the “TITLE PART XXX” text on page 2. Click it to try to select it—nothing happens.

You cannot select master-page items on the document pages simply by clicking. However, you can select a master-page item if you use the right keyboard shortcut.

Holding down Shift+Ctrl (Windows) or Shift+Command (Mac OS), click the title placeholder frame on the left side of page 2 to select it.

Using the type tool (), double-click the word “TITLE” to select it, and then type paper trails. Then select the “XXX,” and type one. (Remember that this text is set in the Trajan font, which has no lowercase characters, so all text appears uppercase.)

The text is now replaced on the document page. Now you will use the eyedropper tool to color the text.

Triple-click the type tool in “PAPER TRAILS PART ONE” to select all the text.

In the toolbox, select the zoom tool and then drag a marquee around the image of the origami crane to magnify the image, so that the area you drag fills the window.

In the toolbox, make sure that the text Fill box () is selected, and then select the eyedropper tool (). Move the tip of the eyedropper over one of the deep red stripes on the crane and click to select it.

A. Dragging a zoom marquee B. Selecting color with the eyedropper tool

Choose View > Fit Spread in Window. Notice that even though you've used other tools, the text is still selected. Choose Edit > Deselect All to see the text now filled with the red color you selected.

Using the selection tool (), hold down Ctrl+Shift (Windows) or Command+Shift (Mac OS) and click to select the two rectangles you created on the placeholder master pages.

Repeat steps 6 and 7, but this time select a mustard yellow color from the crane paper to fill the rectangles. Do not deselect the rectangle frames.

Choose View > Fit Spread in Window, and choose Object > Arrange > Send to Back so that the yellow rectangles do not hide the title text. Then deselect all and save your file.

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