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Lesson 2. Setting Up Your Document > Placing text and graphics on the document ...

Placing text and graphics on the document pages

Now that the framework of the 12-page publication is in place, you're ready to format the individual articles. To see how the changes you made to the master pages affect document pages, you'll add text and graphics to the spread on pages 2 and 3.

In the Pages palette, double-click the page 2 icon (not page ii) to center the page in the document window.

Notice that because the C-Placeholder master is assigned to page 2, the page includes the grid, the footers, and the placeholder frames.

When you want to import text and graphics from other applications, you can copy and paste, or you can use the Place command. You'll use the Place command to insert text in the frame.

Make sure that nothing is selected, or choose Edit > Deselect All. Then choose File > Place. Open the ID_02 folder in your IDCIB folder, and double-click 02_c.doc to open it.

The pointer takes the shape of a loaded text icon (). With a loaded text icon, you can drag to create a text frame or click inside an existing text frame. When you hold the loaded text icon over an existing text frame, the icon appears in parentheses (). You can click to insert the text into the individual frame, or you can Shift-click to autoflow the text into the threaded frames.

Holding down Shift, click the loaded text icon () anywhere inside the text frame on the bottom of page 2. Release the Shift key.

The text flowed into the text frames on pages 2 and 3. Now you'll add a graphic to the placeholder frame.

Choose Edit > Deselect All to make sure that no frames are selected.

If a frame is selected when you place a file, the contents of the file will be added to the selected frame.

Choose File > Place. Double-click 02_d.tif in the ID_02 folder. The pointer takes the shape of a loaded graphics icon ().

Position the loaded graphics icon over the graphics-frame placeholder on page 2 so that the pointer appears in parentheses (), and click.

To position the image correctly, choose Object > Fitting > Center Content. Then deselect and save your work.

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