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Lesson 2. Setting Up Your Document > Editing master pages

Editing master pages

Before you add graphics and text frames to the document, you'll set up the master pages. A master page is like a background that you can apply to pages in your document. Any object that you add to master pages will appear on document pages to which the master pages are applied.

In this document, you'll use three sets of master pages. One contains a grid, another contains footer information, and a third contains placeholder frames. By creating several types of master pages, you allow for variation of pages in a document while ensuring a consistent design.

Adding guides to the master

Guides are non-printing lines that help you lay out your design precisely. Guides that you place on master pages appear on any document pages to which the master is applied. For this document, you'll add a series of guides that, along with the column guides, act as a grid to which you can snap graphics and text frames into place.

In the upper section of the Pages palette, double-click A-Master.

Double-clicking the name of the master page displays both pages of the A-Master.

The left and right master pages appear centered in the document window.

Choose Layout > Create Guides.

Under Rows, type 8 for Number, and type 0 for Gutter.

For Fit Guides To, select Margins.

Selecting Margins instead of Page causes the guides to fit within the margin boundaries rather than the page boundaries. You won't add column guides because column lines already appear in your document.

Select Preview to see how the horizontal guides will appear on your master pages.

Click OK.

Renaming the master page

In documents that contain several master pages, you may want to rename each master page to give them more descriptive names. You will rename this first master page “Grid.”

Click the palette-menu button () on the right of the Pages tab to open the Pages palette menu, and choose Master Options for “A-Master.”


If the Master Options for “A-Master” is dimmed on the Pages palette menu, double-click A-Master again to make sure the master pages are open in the document window.

For Name, type Grid, and then click OK.


You can also use the Master Options dialog box to change other properties of existing master pages.

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