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Lesson 8. Importing and Editing Text > Aligning text vertically

Aligning text vertically

To remove the white space at the bottom of the sidebar text frame, you will justify the text vertically.

With the insertion point anywhere in the sidebar frame, choose Object > Text Frame Options.

Under Vertical Justification, for Align, select Justify, and then click OK.

A blank line still appears at the bottom of the text frame. This blank line is caused by a hard return at the end of the last paragraph. You can see this end-of-paragraph marker and other nonprinting characters by showing hidden characters.

Choose Type > Show Hidden Characters. Notice the end-of-paragraph marker at the end of the last line of text.

Move the insertion point to the end of the text in the story. The pound sign (#) indicates the end of a story.

Press Backspace (Windows) or Delete (Mac OS) to delete the end-of-paragraph character at the end of “Springfield Road Race.” The text is now vertically justified within the frame.


If the text frame extends over the green artwork framing the text, you may not be able to read the bottom line of text. To fix this, you can select the middle handle at the lower edge of the frame and drag it upwards, just as you did in “ Resizing a text frame” on page 275. Because the text is set to be justified vertically, the spacing between lines re-adjusts when you release the mouse.

Choose Type > Show Hidden Characters to deselect that command and remove its checkmark. Then save the file.



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