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Lesson 6. Drawing Vector Graphics > Creating and adding an inline graphic - Pg. 223

Drawing Vector Graphics 223 Creating and adding an inline graphic You can add a graphic between any text characters or spaces so that the graphic flows with the text as you add or remove text. Such a graphic is called an inline graphic. You can use an ornamental font, such as a dingbat, or you can insert a graphic that you create yourself. Using advanced settings for the polygon tool The polygon tool contains controls that alter the shapes you create. You can adjust the number of points in the polygon and set the insets between points to make starlike shapes. 1. 2. 3. 4. In the Layers palette, click the square to the far left of the Text layer to display the eye icon ( ), and make sure that the Text layer is targeted. Choose View > Show Document Grid and then choose View > Snap to Document Grid. In the document window, zoom in to the lower right area of page 1 to about 200% or higher, so that you can clearly see the smallest unit of the document grid. In the toolbox, hold down the rectangle tool ( ) to see more tool options and select the 5. polygon tool ( ). Then double-click the polygon tool to open the Polygon Settings dialog box. In Number of Sides, select 8, and in Star Inset, select 40%. Then click OK. 6. Drag the pointer crosshairs diagonally across any one of the document grid squares to create a tiny star shape.