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Getting started

In this lesson, you'll create the front and back of a direct-mail piece. You'll use the InDesign drawing tools to draw some of the vector objects, or paths, in the design. Before you begin, you'll need to restore the default preferences for Adobe InDesign.

To ensure that the tools and palettes function exactly as described in this lesson, delete or deactivate (by renaming) the InDesign Defaults file and the InDesign SavedData file. See “Restoring default preferences” on page 3.

Start Adobe InDesign.

To begin working, you'll open an existing InDesign document.

Choose File > Open, and open the 06_a.indd file in the ID_06 folder, located inside the Lessons folder on your hard disk. If an alert message appears that asks which dictionary file you want to use, click No (Windows) or Document (Mac OS).


If you have not already copied the resource files for this lesson onto your hard disk from the ID_06 folder from the Adobe InDesign 2.0 Classroom in a Book CD, do so now. See “Copying the Classroom in a Book files” on page 2.

Choose File > Save As, rename the file 06_Mailer.indd, and then click Save.

You'll notice that the page is blank except for a shape near the bottom left corner of the page. This document contains everything you need to create the completed version of the document, but to keep things simple, it uses layers to hide everything except the tracing template for the shape you're currently drawing. Right now you see the tracing template for the first shape you'll draw.

As you progress through the lesson, you'll use the Layers palette to show and hide other parts of the document. When you're finished, you'll display all layers except the layers containing the tracing templates. For more information, see “Working with Layers” in InDesign Help or in Chapter 2 of the Adobe InDesign User Guide.

If you want to see what the finished document will look like, open the 06_b.indd file in the same folder. You can leave this document open to act as a guide as you work. When you're ready to resume working on the lesson document, choose its name from the Window menu.



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