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Lesson 10. Creating Tables > Review questions

Review questions

1:What are the advantages of using tables rather than just typing text and using tabs to separate the columns?
A1: Tables give you much more flexibility and are far easier to format. In a table, text can wrap within a cell, so you don't have to add extra lines to accommodate cells with many words. Also, you can assign styles to individual rows, columns, and cells, including character styles and even paragraph styles, because each cell is considered a separate paragraph.
2:When might you get an overset cell?
A2: Overset cells occur when the dimensions of the cell are limited and the contents don't fit inside it. For this to occur, you must actively define the width and height of the cell (or its row and column). Otherwise, when you place text in the cell, the text will wrap within the cell, which then expands vertically to accommodate the text. When you place a graphic in a cell that does not have defined size limits, the cell also expands vertically but not horizontally, so that the row column keeps its original width.
3:What tool is used most frequently when you work with tables?
A3: The type tool must be selected to do any work with the table. You can use other tools to work with the graphics within table cells, but to work with the table itself, such as selecting rows or columns, inserting text or graphic content, adjusting table dimensions, and so forth, you use the type tool.



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