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Review questions

1:What are the advantages of the book feature in InDesign 2.0?
A1: The book feature makes it easy to coordinate related elements in a long document that consists of multiple files. By defining documents as a book, you can automate what would otherwise be time-consuming detail work, including the following tasks:
  • Maintaining the proper sequence of documents.

  • Updating the pagination of the entire book after adding or removing pages.

  • Generating a book-wide index and table of contents with accurate page references.

  • Specifying options for preflight, packaging, exporting, and printing the entire book.

2:Describe the process and the results of removing a chapter file from a book.
A2: To remove a file from a book, first select the file in the Book palette. Then, on the Book palette menu, choose Remove Document. The result of removing a chapter is that the book no longer appears in the list of files included in the Book palette. When you repaginate the book, update the index, and update the table of contents, all page references that involve pages that were below the removed file now change. Although the file is removed from the book, the file is not deleted; it is still stored on your hard disk.
3:What is the best way to edit an index? Why?
A3: Always update index page references in the Index palette. To do this, double-click the index reference you want to edit in the Index palette (or select it and choose Page Reference Options on the Index palette menu), and then make your changes in the dialog box and click OK. When you finish making changes to index references, open the Index file. Then, on the Index palette menu, choose Generate Index and replace the existing index for all book documents.

It is important to do your editing in the Index palette instead of simply editing the index text directly. The reason is that any edits you make directly in the index text will be lost when you regenerate the index. If you then make changes in the book pagination, you risk having many incorrect index page references. If you edit in the Index palette, all those references are automatically updated when you generate a new index to update the existing one.



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