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Lesson 8. Sailing publication > Printing the book

Printing the book

You can print a booked publication from any one of the publications within the book. You should first check the book list contained in the publication to be sure it's up to date.

In 08Toc.pmd, choose Utilities > Book, and check the list to be sure it contains 08Toc.pmd, 08Chap1.pmd, 08Chap2.pmd, 08Chap3.pmd, and 08Index.pmd, in that order. Click Next Odd Page, and then click OK. If PageMaker asks you if you want to renumber the pages, click Yes.

Choose File > Print. Make sure that a PPD appropriate for your printer is selected, if you have a PostScript printer. Otherwise, select the appropriate printer.


You can also use the Export Adobe PDF command, as described in Creating an Adobe PDF version of the flyer on page 41.

Select Print All Publications in Book.

This choice is available to you because the publication that you're in has a book list in it. If the current publication doesn't contain a book list, this choice is grayed out. The other choices in the Print Document dialog box are the same as for a document that doesn't use a book list.

Select Print Blank Pages to print any blank pages that PageMaker may have added to make each publication begin on a right page.

This publication uses a paper size larger than Letter, so if your printer cannot print on paper larger than Letter size, you can automatically shrink it to fit the selected paper size.

If you want to print, click Paper, click Reduce to Fit in the Scale section, and then click Print. If you don't want to print, save the printing settings you specified by holding down Shift and clicking Done.

Close all open files, and quit PageMaker When asked if you want to save changes, click Yes.



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