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Lesson 8. Sailing publication > Generating the table of contents

Generating the table of contents

PageMaker creates a table of contents by assembling the text from paragraphs that you designate. An easy and common technique is to set up a paragraph style that includes heading paragraphs in the table of contents. Using this method it is possible to build a table of contents without any manual intervention. In this project, you will include the text of the first-, second-, and third-level heads in the table of contents.

Open 08TocFin.pmd in 08Lesson/Final to see what you're about to create. If the publication window does not fill the screen, click the Maximize button in the right corner of the title bar to expand the window.

Open 08Chap3.pmd in the 08Lesson folder. Choose Type > Define Styles. Select Heading 1, click Edit, and click Para. Select the Include in Table of Contents option. Click OK twice to get back to the main Define Styles dialog box.

Select Heading 2, and repeat the process— click Edit, click Para, select Include in Table of Contents, click OK twice. Do the same thing for Heading 3, and then click OK to accept all the style changes. Save the chapter.

You have just specified that the text of all three heading levels in Chapter 3 should automatically be included in the table of contents. In the real world, you'd have to do the same thing for each of the other chapters, or better still, you would copy the Chapter 3 styles into the other chapters. In this project, however, this step has already been done for you in the other two chapters.

In the 08Lesson folder, open 08Toc.pmd, the empty file that you created earlier from the table of contents template. Take a quick look at the list of styles, and notice that they are the same ones that appear in your chapter publications.

Later on, you'll see that PageMaker creates some new paragraph styles for the generated table of contents text.

Now that the pages for this publication are final, you want to renumber the pages, making sure that each publication (chapters, TOC, and index) still begins on a right page.

In 08Toc.pmd, choose Utilities > Book, and in the Auto Renumbering section, click Next Odd Page (even if it is already selected—otherwise you won't be able to click OK). Click OK. Choose Yes when asked if you want to renumber the pages now.

PageMaker goes through all the publications in the book, updating the page numbering and adding blank pages where necessary to ensure that each publication begins on a right (odd-number) page. Now it's time to generate the actual table of contents.

Choose Utilities > Create TOC.

In the Create Table of Contents dialog box, the text in the Title box will appear as the title of the table of contents.

For this project, leave the default title of Contents. Be sure that Include Book Publications is selected.

You would deselect this only if you wanted to create a table of contents or paragraph list for just the current publication—not a common situation.

For Format, leave the default of Page Number After Entry.

For Between Entry and Page number, the ^t designates a tab between the entry and page number. You can use regular spaces instead, if you like, or you could use ^m to put in an em space. For now, leave the tab. Click OK.

PageMaker informs you of its progress as it goes through the publications looking for designated paragraphs. When it has completed the task, it presents you with an icon loaded with the newly generated text.

Click the loaded text icon in 08Toc.pmd near the top left corner of the page margins to place the generated text.

Save 08Toc.pmd.



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