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Lesson 3. Project proposal

Lesson 3. Project proposal

The project proposal you'll create in this lesson presents an architect's plan for the development of a community facility within the town of Bella Coola, British Columbia. This three-page, black-and-white publication uses the same framework and design elements on each page. So that you'll only have to create them once, you'll build a master page containing the text, graphics, column guides, and page-numbers that you want to appear on every page.

In addition to assembling a master page, this lesson introduces you to using styles to apply character and paragraph formatting attributes to paragraphs. More than ensuring consistency in a publication, styles free you from repeatedly selecting and applying individual formatting attributes to each paragraph in a publication. Although the PageMaker application provides a collection of styles (style sheet), you will create and edit styles to build a style sheet specific to this publication.

This lesson covers:

  • Establishing a master page

  • Adding tints to the Colors palette

  • Using the Control palette to resize objects proportionally and to move objects

  • Specifying automatic page numbering

  • Establishing a publication default stroke style and weight

  • Using page icons to turn pages

  • Displaying and hiding master-page elements

  • Overriding the default leading method

  • Autoflowing text

  • Adjusting the tracking (the spacing between words and letters)

  • Varying the number of columns on a page

  • Overriding type and paragraph specifications

  • Creating, editing, and applying styles

  • Creating a custom text wrap

It should take you approximately 2 hours to complete this lesson.

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