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Lesson 10. PDF Web page > Adding a source on a master page

Adding a source on a master page

You can add a hyperlink source to a master page, which can save time when you want a hyperlink on every page that leads to the same anchor, such as a Help screen. You will do this by adding a source that jumps to the Contents page.

Choose the Flora and Fauna master page from the master pages pop-up menu by clicking the master-page icon with the right mouse button (Windows) or by positioning the pointer over the master-page icon and holding down the mouse button (Macintosh).


When you click the master page icon, Flora & Fauna may already be selected, indicating that it is the master page applied to the current page. You still have to select it again to view and edit the Flora & Fauna master page.

Select the pointer tool, and select the Home graphic in the lower left corner of the page.

In the Hyperlinks palette, click the anchor icon () next to the Contents anchor. This is the same as choosing New Source from the Hyperlinks palette menu. Name the new source Return to Contents and then click OK.

Although you can add a source to a master page, you can't add an anchor to a master page because an anchor is a destination on one specific page, and a master page item appears on multiple pages.

Now you will create an anchor for the next page. You can make the anchor easy to identify by naming it after the page title. You will do this easily by copying and pasting the page title into its anchor name.

Go to page 3. Select the text tool (), select the Lowland Forest title text, and choose Edit > Copy. Click the New Anchor button and paste the name you copied, and click OK.

Select the hand tool () and click the home icon. You just used the source you added to the master page to return to the Contents page.

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