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Lesson 10. PDF Web page > Testing hyperlinks

Testing hyperlinks

You can now test the link to make sure it works properly.

Select the hand tool (). A blue outline appears around the Continue text where you created a source. Move the hand over the Continue text.

The hand changes to a pointing hand, indicating that it is over a hyperlink.

Click the text.

The publication jumps to the Contents page. The Contents text is centered on the screen, but this pushes part of the page past the edge of the window. You do not want the hyperlink anchor to be centered on screen after a jump, so you'll change the preference that controls this.


The blue outlines you see when you use the hand tool do not appear when the publication is exported to PDF. In PDF, you design the appearance of a hyperlink source.

Choose File > Preferences > Online. In the Hyperlink section, deselect the Center Upper-Left of Anchor When Testing Hyperlinks option. Click OK.

This preference exists for those times when you have more than one anchor on a page and want to know which one you jumped to.

You will return to the title page so that you can try the link again. You haven't yet created a hyperlink source back to the title page, but PageMaker provides a command that lets you backtrack along pages in the order you viewed them.

Choose Layout > Go Back, and choose View > Fit in Window.

Click the word Continue to go to the Contents page again. PageMaker displays the Contents page using the view you used the last time you saw the page.



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