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Lesson 10. PDF Web page > Previewing the final version

Previewing the final version

To see what you'll be building, first view the completed PDF file in your Web browser.

Start your Web browser. Then switch to Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Macintosh), and open the 10Lesson folder. Arrange the folder window and the Web browser so you can see them both.

In Windows, you can quickly arrange windows for drag-and-drop by clicking the taskbar with the right mouse button and choosing Tile Horizontally from the pop-up menu.

Drag 10Final.pdf from the 10Lesson folder to your Web browser window.


If the PDF file does not open properly in the Web browser, make sure Acrobat Reader is installed properly.

The first page acts as an entrance to the project. You will get a sense of the general design of the guide by examining it. If necessary, click the Acrobat Fit in Window button to show the entire first page of the publication.

Click the Maximize button of the browser window to expand it to fill the screen. Click Continue on the guide's opening screen.

The second page is an illustration of the mountain with a superimposed diagram of the altitude zones of flora and fauna on the mountain. Along the left side of each page is a navigation bar with buttons that take you to other sections. The dividing lines between the entries are actually paragraph rules.

Click Lowland Forest.

The next four pages correspond to the altitude zones listed in the table of contents, starting at the lowest altitude. On these four pages, the navigation bar includes Previous Page and Next Page buttons.

Click the Next Page button. Take a look at the page, then click the Next Page button again. Look at the next couple of pages and stop when you reach Alpine Zone.

The Alpine Zone page has no Next button as it is the final topic page. The last three pages are the index, help, and Web Links screens.

Click Help.

The Help button is on the navigation bar that appears on all topic pages. It was set up on a PageMaker master page, so you set up the jump only once. The Help screen describes how to navigate the publication.

At the bottom left corner of the page, click the Home icon.

You will build the links for all of these pages. Some links will be created automatically by PageMaker when you export to PDF.

You can open the PageMaker version of the completed publication so that you can use it as a reference as you work through the project. First you will close the Web browser because you will not need it until the end of the project. You will also close Acrobat Reader, which opened automatically to display the PDF in the Web browser.

Close the Web browser, close Acrobat Reader, and open 10Final.pmd in the 10Lesson folder.



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