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Lesson 10. PDF Web page > Viewing the PDF in a Web browser - Pg. 479

PDF Web page Note 479 On Mac OS, a window opens showing the progress of Distiller. The setting displayed in this window may not match those you selected in the PDF Options dialog box. However, your PDF files will be created using the correct settings you specified. For more information, see Exporting to Adobe PDF on page 274 in Lesson 9 and chapter 12 in the Adobe PageMaker 7.0 User Guide. Viewing the PDF in a Web browser You can view the completed PDF version of the guide in a Web browser. 1. If you still have the PDF file open in Acrobat Reader, close the PDF file. Also, close Acrobat Distiller (if necessary) and PageMaker, because you will longer need those programs for this lesson. Start your Web browser. Switch to Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Macintosh), and open the folder on your hard disk that contains the PDF file you just created. Arrange the folder window and the Web browser window so you can see both. In Windows, you can click the taskbar with the right mouse button and choose Tile Vertically from the pop-up menu. Drag 10Work.pdf from the 10Lesson folder window to your Web browser window. To make the browser window fill the screen, click the Maximize buton. Click Continue, and then click any other hyperlinks in the publication. 2. 3. 4. 5.