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Lesson 10. PDF Web page > Generating the hyperlinked index

Generating the hyperlinked index

To include the index in the publication, you must generate it. The index will automatically include links to the separate map publication that you included in the book of publications you set up when you generated the table of contents earlier.

If necessary, choose View > Show Guides.

Go to page 8, the page where you will place the index you will generate. Choose Utilities > Create Index. Delete the Title and leave it blank. You will include index markers in the separate Map.pmd file, so make sure Include Book Publications is selected, and click OK.

When PageMaker finishes processing, the loaded text icon appears. Placing an index is just like placing a text story from a word processor.

Check to make sure Layout > Autoflow is selected. Position the loaded text icon at the guide intersection where the Control Palette reads 6p for X and 5p3 for Y. Click to flow the index into the columns. The index includes many more entries than the ones you added, because the publication was partially indexed before you opened it.

You have completed building the multimedia publication. Before you export it to PDF, you can test the automatically generated index hyperlinks with the hand tool.

Select the hand tool (). The cursor changes to a pointing hand when positioned over the hyperlinked index entries.

In PageMaker you will simulate as much as possible the way the publication will look in PDF, by hiding all palettes and turning off the blue outlines that mark the hyperlinks automatically generated by PageMaker.


Hyperlinks generated by indexing do not appear on the Hyperlinks palette.

Press Tab to hide all palettes, and choose View > Hide Guides.

Choose File > Preferences > Online. Deselect the Outline Link Sources When Hand Tool is Selected option, and then click OK.

On page 8, click the black bears entry. PageMaker jumps to the correct page.

Save 10Work.pmd



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