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Lesson 10. PDF Web page

Lesson 10. PDF Web page

This project is a section of a multimedia online guide that you will export using the Portable Document Format (PDF), and compress to achieve small size and fast display in a Web browser or in Acrobat Reader. This project uses two kinds of links: Automatic links, which you create using PageMaker's indexing and table-of-contents features; and manual links, which you create using the Hyperlinks palette.

In this project, you will complete a partially built guide to a national park. The guide is designated for viewing in a Web browser. The designer has chosen to use PDF because of its high quality and simple workflow. To make the PageMaker publication interactive, you will use the Hyperlinks palette, adding jumps within the publication and to destinations outside the publication. Finally, you'll use the Export PDF command to print the publication as a PDF file.

In this project you will learn how to do the following:

  • Use the Hyperlinks palette to create hyperlinks for a PDF publication.

  • Generate an automatically hyperlinked table of contents and index.

  • Add a hyperlink that appears on every page by adding it to a master page.

  • Create a hyperlink between two PDF files.

  • Create invisible hyperlinks using the shape tools in PageMaker.

  • Set up one image as an image map, which can jump to different places depending on where you click.

  • Link to a movie.

  • Link to a URL on the World Wide Web.

  • Export to PDF.

As you work, be sure to save the publication often.



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