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Lesson 9. Newsletter on the Web > Exporting to HTML

Exporting to HTML

You have completed all of the manual adjustments to the publication. The rest of the conversion will be automatic. You will export the publication to HTML with settings that will specify how PageMaker will perform the conversion.

Choose File > Export > HTML.

The first thing you'll do is specify filenames and document titles for the HTML files. It is important to understand the difference between a filename and a document title.

The filename is the name of the HTML file as it appears on disk. For this reason, adhere to the standard file naming conventions that apply to the operating system that your Web server uses. If you publish through an Internet Service Provider (ISP), ask them what naming restrictions apply.

The document title is the name that appears in the title bar of a Web browser. You can use spaces in the name, and it does not have to conform to any file naming conventions.

Click Untitled1 in the HTML Document Title column.

In the HTML Document Title section, you specify the names of the HTML documents you want to create from the publication you are exporting. You have a choice here—you can export all of the publication pages as a single continuous HTML document, or you can separate the publication into a number of smaller HTML documents. Right now, the Export HTML dialog box indicates that all four pages will be assigned to the HTML document Untitled1. This is fine, but you will change the name of the HTML document.

Click Edit, and type Healthy Living - Volume 10, Number 27 for the Document Title. Leave Assign PageMaker Pages selected, and then click Done.

You leave Assign PageMaker Pages selected because you want to divide this publication into HTML documents by page instead of assigning each text story to its own page.

Now you'll specify the filename of the HTML document.

Click Document and select the 09Html folder in the 09Lesson folder. Type 09HWork.htm as a filename. Make sure Save Images Into This Folder is selected, and then click OK.



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