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Lesson 9. Newsletter on the Web > Testing hyperlinks

Testing hyperlinks

You have completed all of the changes that make this a useful online publication. You can test the hyperlinks you created to make sure they work properly. You test hyperlinks using the hand tool.

Select the hand tool ().

When you select the hand tool, all hyperlinks are outlined in blue. The blue outlines only appear in PageMaker, to help you identify hyperlinks as you test them.

Move the hand tool over the word Nutrition in the table of contents. The hand tool changes into a pointing hand, indicating that the word Nutrition is a hyperlink.

Click the word Nutrition. PageMaker takes you to the Breakfast Blunders section, and centers the anchor you created on that page.

You may not like the way the window centers around the anchor. You can change this behavior so that a destination page is always centered in the window after a hyperlink jump.

Choose File > Preferences > Online. Click to deselect the Center Upper-Left of Anchor when Testing Hyperlinks option. Click OK.

This preference doesn't affect how the hyperlinks are exported, it only affects how hyperlinks work when you test them in PageMaker.

Click the Return to Contents button at the bottom of the page. This time the destination page displays using the same view that was in effect the last time you viewed this page.

On page 1, click the word Exercise. After the Exercise page appears, choose Layout > Go Back.

The Go Back and Go Forward commands are another way to follow the trail of hyperlinks you've created in PageMaker. These commands can be useful when you are testing links and don't have them all built yet.

Save 09Work.pmd.



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