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Lesson 9. Newsletter on the Web > Comparing the final versions

Comparing the final versions

The final step in Web publishing is to upload the publication to a Web server. This procedure varies depending on the publishing hardware, software, and other requirements, which are determined by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Be sure to talk to your ISP for the exact steps required to publish your pages. In this project, you can examine how the final files appear on your hard disk after being exported from PageMaker.

In Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Macintosh), open the folders 09Pdf and 09Html inside the folder 09Lesson, and arrange the folder windows so that you can see the files inside them.

The folder 09Pdf contains 09PWork.pdf (the PDF version you exported from the publication). Although it is only one file, it contains all the pages, text, and graphics in the publication. On a properly configured Web server, it will download one page at a time so that a person does not have to download the entire file to view a page.

The folder 09Html contains 09HWork.htm (the HTML version you exported from the publication) and all of the files linked to the publication. When you upload this page to a Web server for Web publishing, be sure you include all of the files in this folder.

You can compare the two versions in your Web browser. The HTML version should still be open, so just open the PDF version you exported earlier.

If your Web browser supports multiple open windows, you can open a new browser window to compare the HTML and PDF versions side-by-side.

Start a Web browser. In the Web browser, open 09PWork.pdf in 09Lesson/09Pdf.

The HTML version resembles the original well and can be viewed without a plug-in. However, fonts and line breaks may not match the original because type specifications are largely determined by the way each individual Web browser is set up.

The PDF version is completely faithful to the original, particularly when printed, and the article threads make the document easier to read online.

In this project you adapted a previously printed publication for the Web, and exported it as PDF and HTML. You should now have a better idea of the strengths of each approach and how you might want to adapt your own publications for the Web.

When you finish examining the publications, close all open applications.



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