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Lesson 9. Newsletter on the Web

Lesson 9. Newsletter on the Web

Built-in support for both HTML and PDF in PageMaker 7.0 makes it easier to publish new or existing PageMaker files online. In this project you will prepare a back issue of a newsletter for the Web. You will add hyperlinks, or active areas, to the newsletter, so that your audience can navigate to different pages or Web sites. Then you'll export and view the newsletter in PDF and HTML, comparing how each format affects the production workflow and the readability of the publication.

In this project you create a World Wide Web page from an existing newsletter originally designed for print. The newsletter is in an archive of back issues that are now being distributed on the Web. You will add hyperlinks so that someone can navigate the publication on the Web, and then you will export it as Adobe PDF and as HTML to compare the capabilities of each format. You will also use Adobe PDF and HTML export options to enhance the on-screen readability of the newsletter.

In this project you will learn how to:

  • Add and edit hyperlinks.

  • Export a publication to Adobe PDF with the original layout intact.

  • Identify areas of a publication that cannot be reproduced using HTML.

  • Prepare text for HTML export by associating HTML paragraph formats with PageMaker paragraph styles.

  • Prepare publication graphics for HTML export.

  • Export a publication to HTML, approximating the original layout.

  • Use a Web browser to preview the Web pages you created and saved on your hard disk.

This project should take you about 2 hours to complete.



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