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Lesson 4. Jewelcase booklet > Assembling the back cover

Assembling the back cover

The back cover uses the same four images as found on the front cover. As with the front cover, you will deselect the display of the master-page elements.

Click the page 8 icon to switch to the back cover. Then, choose View > Display Master Items to deselect the option.

PageMaker turns off the display of the master page elements.

You are now ready to copy the four images from the cover.

Click the page 1 icon.

In the Layers palette, click the lock column (next to the eye icon) in the Text layer to lock the layer. The Lock icon appears. Click the Art layer to activate it.

Select the pointer tool, and choose Edit > Select All. Then, choose Edit > Copy.

Click the page 8 icon. Then Choose Edit > Paste.

Because the images were on a right page and the back cover is a left page, PageMaker pastes the images on the pasteboard to the right of page 8 (where a right page would be).

You'll now use the control palette to position the images on the page. The top right corner of the page is the zero point and therefore is the easiest point to use for alignment.

With the images still selected, click the top right reference point in the Proxy icon. Type 0 for both X and Y, and click Enter or Return.

PageMaker positions the images on the page.

You have finished assembling the booklet.

Choose View > Hide Guides to hide the guides.

Choose File > Save to save the 04Work.pmd publication.

If you have determined that your service provider will perform all the prepress tasks (including resetting the bleeds), you are ready to deliver the 04Work.pmd file to your service provider. Be sure to include all image files that are linked to the publication.

If you would like to Print the Jewelcase booklet, choose File > Print. Select the printer you want to print to (Windows) and select the appropriate PPD. Click Print. You can also Export Adobe PDF, as described in Creating an Adobe PDF version of the flyer on page 41.



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