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Lesson 1. Flyer

Lesson 1. Flyer

In this project you'll assemble a single-page, black-and-white flyer from start to finish. The photograph and most of the text featured in this flyer are ready for you to import into PageMaker. You'll also learn how to type text directly into a publication and you'll draw several graphic elements (square, circle, and line).

For this lesson, you will open and view the final version of the flyer, and follow the step-by-step instructions that introduce some of the basic features and tools of PageMaker. Even if you have experience using the PageMaker application, this introduction may reveal some useful tips and techniques.

This project covers the following topics:

  • Restoring default PageMaker settings

  • Changing the view of a publication

  • Creating a new publication

  • Opening an existing publication

  • Setting up the horizontal and vertical rulers

  • Displaying and hiding guides

  • Positioning the zero point

  • Using the pointer tool, the text tool, and the zoom tool

  • Specifying multiple columns

  • Locking the guides

  • Creating, placing, formatting, and positioning text and graphic elements

  • Creating a drop cap

  • Applying a tint to text

  • Specifying a hanging indent

  • Creating ruler guides

  • Drawing circles, rectangles, and lines

  • Adjusting the stacking order of elements on the page

  • Range kerning text

  • Using the Snap to Guides option

  • Printing the flyer on a desktop laser printer

  • Exporting the flyer to Adobe PDF

If this is your first time using PageMaker, it should take about 2 hours to complete this lesson. If you have some experience using PageMaker, it should take about 90 minutes to complete this lesson.



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