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Lesson 5. Cycling guidebook

Lesson 5. Cycling guidebook

In this eight-page guidebook to the Tour de France, one of the world's great cycling events, you get a chance to go beyond the basics of using PageMaker. As you assemble and change this dramatic and playful piece, you will learn the power of PageMaker's automatic layout adjustment options, see how multiple master pages and paragraph styles can streamline the production of a publication, and become adept at manipulating text blocks and frames.

To create this guidebook, you begin by opening an Adobe PageMaker publication that has been partially completed. First you will finish the cover, then resize the page and margins to see how PageMaker can automatically adjust the layout for you. Next, you will edit the other master pages to match the Document Master. Then you will revise the paragraph styles and refine the layout on several spreads.

This project covers:

  • Creating a polygon frame

  • Placing text or graphics within frames

  • Converting an existing rectangle into a frame

  • Editing styles

  • Basing one style on an existing style

  • Using the Bullets and Numbers plug-in

  • Using the Drop Cap plug-in

  • Using the adjust layout options when changing page size, margins, and master pages

  • Editing and applying master pages

At the end of this lesson, you'll have an eight-page, six-color booklet.

It should take you about 2 hours to complete this project.



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