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Lesson 2. Architect's letterhead

Lesson 2. Architect's letterhead

With Adobe PageMaker, you can create part or all of your letterhead design yourself. This lesson shows how fictitious Madrid architects Braga+Braga used Adobe PageMaker to arrange text and graphics for a simple yet striking letterhead design. The letterhead design incorporates the use of two spot colors (premixed inks printed on a commercial printing press) and tints of spot colors (spot colors that are lightened by printing a dot pattern instead of a solid color).

This lesson also shows you how to save the letterhead design as a custom template. Once the letterhead is printed, it's easy to use the custom template to assemble text to be printed on your own printer. To demonstrate the entire process, you will create the Braga+Braga letterhead template, and then assemble a letter that is meant to be printed on the letterhead stationery. The text featured in the lesson is in Spanish, since Marie Braga is addressing a Spanish-speaking client in her letter.

This lesson covers:

  • Establishing an application default measurement system

  • Creating, saving, and opening a custom template

  • Selecting and applying spot colors

  • Creating a tint of a spot color

  • Resizing, reflecting, and rotating a text block

  • Grouping and ungrouping objects

  • Using the Tile command

  • Dragging objects from one publication to another

  • Using the Lock Position and Non-Printing commands

  • Printing on a commercial printing press

It should take you approximately 2-3 hours to complete this lesson.



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