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Lesson 6. Adventure newsletter > Adding the continuation line

Adding the continuation line

The bungee-jumping article continues on a later page, so you will add a continuation line where it ends on page 1 to tell the reader where the article continues, or jumps. To do this, you must first place the rest of the article. The file containing this article is large because it contains other articles as well, so you are going to flow the remainder of the 06TextA.doc file into the document so you can see what you're working with.

With the pointer tool still selected, select the text block in the second column, and load the text icon by clicking the bottom windowshade handle.

Go to the second page, and hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Macintosh) to toggle from manual flow to automatic text flow. Click in the top of the left column to place the text.

PageMaker flows all the unplaced text into the publication.

Return to the first page, and select the text block in the second column by clicking it with the pointer tool.

Choose Utilities > Plug-ins > Add Cont'd Line. In the dialog box that appears, select Bottom of Textblock and click OK.

By choosing Bottom of Textblock, you tell PageMaker that you want the jump line to say “Continued on page…” If you choose Top of Textblock, PageMaker adds a line at the top that says “Continued from page…” PageMaker knows where you placed the next text block of the article, and it inserts a line of text that contains the correct page number. It also creates a paragraph style called Cont. On, which has the default for matting for the continuation line. You can edit this style exactly as you would edit any other paragraph style.

If necessary, choose Window > Show Styles to display the Styles palette. To change the look of the continuation line, display the Edit Style dialog box by holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Macintosh) as you click the Cont. On style in the Styles palette.

Click Char, and choose AGaramond for Font, and choose both Bold and Italic for Type Style. Choose 9 for size and 14 for leading. Click OK, and then click Para. To remove the ruling lines from the style definition, click Rules, and then deselect Rule Above Paragraph and Rule Below Paragraph. Hold down Shift (Windows) or Option (Macintosh) as you click OK, to close all dialog boxes.


Because of the way fonts are defined, when you apply bold to AGaramond, PageMaker actually uses AGaramond Semibold. On the Macintosh, you can get the same result if you select AGaramond Semibold directly.

The final step is to position the continuation line more precisely. It's in a separate text block, so all you have to do is drag it.

With the pointer tool still selected, select the text block containing the jump line. Drag it up until its baseline sits on the bottom margin.



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