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Placing the text

The 06TextA.doc file contains the text of several articles for the current issue, including the bungee-jumping story. You can save time by using the most appropriate text-flow method. If you use the fully automatic text-flow option (the Autoflow command), the text will fill all three columns immediately. You don't want that, because the right column is reserved for another story. Manual flow would work, but you'd have to reload the cursor after each column. PageMaker's semiautomatic flow is the perfect way to place this story, because you can choose which columns to fill and the text cursor stays loaded.

Begin by displaying the page at Actual Size if it isn't already, and use the scroll bars or hand tool () to pan so that the two left columns below the large photograph are visible.

Choose File > Place, open the 06Lesson folder, and double-click 06TextA.doc.

PageMaker imports the text and gives you the automatic text-flow icon or the manual text-flow icon, depending on whether Autoflow is enabled in the Layout menu. Autoflow is turned off by default, so you probably see the manual text-flow icon.

Hold down Shift to change to the semiautomatic text-flow icon.

Continue to hold down Shift and click inside the left column, starting several picas below the photograph. You'll position the text more precisely later.

The text fills the column and stops. Your cursor is still a loaded text icon, ready to place more text.

Holding down Shift, click inside the second column at the same position to fill the second column.

There's more to the story, but you'll place that later.

Click the pointer tool in the toolbox to deselect the loaded text icon.


When you click with a loaded text icon to place text, the text fills the width of the column if the icon is inside the column when you click. If you click outside the column margin, PageMaker spreads the text the full width of the page margins. If that happens, drag the bottom windowshade handle up to roll the column completely up, and click the red triangle to reload the text icon. Then place it again, being careful to position the pointer within the column.



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