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Lesson 6. Adventure newsletter > Starting the publication

Starting the publication

The newsletter uses an unusual tall and narrow shape to reinforce the exotic nature of its stories. You will begin building the publication by setting up the page size.

Choose File > New to open the Document Setup dialog box.

Enter 9 by 16 inches for Dimensions, and select Tall orientation. Make sure that the Double-sided and Facing Pages options are selected. Enter 2 for Number of Pages, and type .75 inches for all four margins. Choose 2400 dpi for Target Output Resolution and, in Windows only, choose AGFA-ProSet9800 for Compose to Printer. Click OK.


If you do not have the required printer, you can still create the project as directed and then print it on your own printer by selecting your printer and its PPD (if it is a PostScript printer) in the Print dialog box when it is time to print. You can also use the Export Adobe PDF command to create an Adobe PDF version of the project rather than a printed copy, as described in Creating an Adobe PDF version of the flyer on page 41.

The newsletter layout was designed using picas as a unit of measure. Now that you have set up the page size, you can switch the unit of measure to picas.

Choose File > Preferences > General. Choose Picas for Measurements In and also for Vertical Ruler. Click OK.

Choose File > Save, and go to the 06Lesson folder. Enter 06Work.pmd as the publication name, and then click Save.



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