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Review questions

1:How do you suppress master page items on just one page?
A1: Choose View > Display Master Items to turn off the display of master page items for the current page.
2:What is a quick method to space text evenly across a column?
A2: Select the text tool, click in the paragraph, click the Paragraph-view button in the Control palette, and click the Force Justify Alignment button.
3:How do you reuse styles among publications?
A3: To use the styles of one publication in another, open the publication to which you will add styles. Choose Type > Define Styles, and click Import. Locate and double-click the publication that has the styles you want to copy. Click OK to confirm copying over existing styles. Click OK to close the Define Styles dialog box.
4:What are the differences between tracking, kerning, range kerning, and the Expert Kerning command?
A4: Kerning refers to adjustments of letter space between individual pairs of characters. Range kerning refers to selecting three or more consecutive characters and applying kerning to them. Tracking is similar to range kerning, but it also compensates for the size of the text to which the track is applied. The Expert Kerning command calculates optimal kerning for individual letter pairs in the selected text but makes adjustments that are only noticeable at larger type sizes (usually over 36 points).
5:How do you add a continuation line to a story that jumps to another page?
A5: With a story completely placed, select a text block with the pointer tool and choose Utilities > Plug-ins > Add Cont'd Line. Select whether the continued line should appear at the bottom or top of the selected text block and click OK.



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