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Lesson 6. Adventure newsletter > Finding and changing text

Finding and changing text

If you carefully examine the text you imported for the various articles, you will find that there is an unusual character—ó—in places where there should be em dashes. Similar characters may appear when text is moved between applications or computer platforms. PageMaker's Find and Change feature makes it easy to fix these instances. To use find and change, you must work in story editor view.

Go to page 1. To display the story editor, select the text tool () and click an insertion point in the first paragraph of the body text in the bungee-jumping article. Don't click next to the drop cap (L), because the drop cap is a graphic separate from the story.

Choose Edit > Edit Story.

The story editor opens to the position in the story where you clicked an insertion point.

You can also open the story editor by triple-clicking on the story with the pointer tool.

In story editor, examine the last sentence in the fourth paragraph. There are two instances of the ó character in the sentence óthe dominant native tribe thereó. Select one and copy it.

Choose Utilities > Change. Paste the copied character into Find What.


You can also type the character directly into Find What. In Windows, hold down Alt and type 0243 on the numeric keypad. On a Macintosh, hold down Option as you type e and then let go of Option and type o.

Type an em dash in Change To by typing ^_ (Windows) or pressing the keyboard shortcut Option+Shift+- (Macintosh). Leave Match Case and Whole Word deselected, leave Current Publication selected for Search Document, and select All Stories for Search Story.

The case (uppercase or lowercase) doesn't matter, and the character you're looking for is not a whole word, because in this publication it is always typed without a space next to it.

You can click Change All to change all instances of the character to an em dash. However, Change All should be used with great caution to avoid unintended results. For instance, if the character is present as a legitimate character in a word, Change All will replace it anyway. It's far safer to check each occurrence as it is found.

Click Find. Look at the found character highlighted in the story window. It's one you want to change, click Change & Find.

PageMaker makes the change and automatically searches for the next occurrence of the character.

Change each occurrence of the character to an em dash. There should be seven in all. PageMaker will open a separate story editor window for each story where it finds an occurrence.

To skip over an occurrence without changing it, click Find Next.

Close the Change dialog box.

Save 06Work.pmd. (You should be saving at regular intervals.)



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