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Lesson 6. Adventure newsletter

Lesson 6. Adventure newsletter

This project is a newsletter published by a consortium of companies that provide travel-related services. Although it is short enough to be called a newsletter, the variety and complexity of its layout are comparable to a magazine. This project focuses on creating professional-level typography and layout. Many page elements are stored in a library, so you can streamline importing and concentrate on mastering professional layout skills.

To maintain the professional appearance of this highly designed publication, you will create a leading grid to ensure that the pieces align in an ordered way so that the complex page retains a unified and harmonious overall appearance. You will also employ a number of PageMaker's typographic controls and use the story editor for tasks such as spell-checking and replacing certain characters.

In this project you learn how to:

  • Use semiautomatic text flow.

  • Apply Expert Kerning.

  • Create a page that has different column layouts on different parts of the page.

  • Use paragraph settings to control column breaks.

  • Use the Add Cont'd Line plug-in.

  • Use the story editor to find and replace characters.

  • Perform a spell check.

  • Use PageMaker's image-control features.

  • Force-justify a line.

  • Control hyphenation and widows.

This project should take you about 2 hours to complete.



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