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What’s New

Compared with FrontPage 2000, which made a huge leap past the clunkiness of FrontPage 98, the changes in FrontPage 2002 may seem only incremental. But the more time you spend in FrontPage 2002, the clearer it becomes that the newest version is significantly smoother and more powerful than FrontPage 2000. Those changes are highlighted throughout the book, but here’s a partial list:

  • In a new feature straight out of PowerPoint, FrontPage can create basic vector-based shapes and text effects (Figures 1.1 and 1.2). Those effects will display correctly in version 5 or later Web browsers, and shapes created in other Office applications can be pasted directly into FrontPage. For more information, see Adding and Editing Drawings on page 197.

    Figure 1.1. PowerPoint fans rejoice: FrontPage now mimics its cousin program’s ability to insert vector-based shapes.

    Figure 1.2. Text effects, such as shadows, can now be applied within FrontPage—and display correctly in version 5 or later Web browsers.

  • An optional task pane gives you quick access to your most-used commands, such as creating a new page or inserting clip art. This same feature has been added to Office XP. For more information, see Using the task pane on page 22.

  • The main window now displays a set of page tabs, which let you quickly switch among all your open FrontPage pages as you work. For more information, see The FrontPage Main Window on page 17.

  • Link Bars replace the sometimes confusing-to-implement Navigation Bars of FrontPage 2000. You’ll find it much easier to customize Link Bars and build drop-down menus of your most-used links.

  • The new Database Interface Wizard may affect your Web intranet more than any other change in FrontPage 2002. The wizard makes it possible to display corporate-sized database results on FrontPage-created Web sites—and grant specific users the ability to edit that data from within a Web browser. For more information, see Adding Database Connections on page 317.

  • You can now insert into your pages various items from MSNBC, such as headlines or stock quotes, and they will be updated automatically as they change on MSNBC. For more information, see Adding Web Components on page 236.



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