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Chapter 14. Building Style Sheets and Dy... > Using Dynamic HTML Effects

Using Dynamic HTML Effects

DHTML can be used to zip text around your pages, send graphics spiraling, and trigger events as visitors mouse around your site. The exact DHTML options available vary, depending on which elements you select on a page. In general, there are more DHTML options for text than there are for graphics. DHTML tags work with version 4 or later Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browsers. Earlier browsers will simply show static—but correct—versions of your pages, which means browser compatibility is one less thing to worry about.

To apply dynamic effects

Make sure the DHTML Effects toolbar is visible by choosing Format > Dynamic HTML Effects (Figure 14.44). The toolbar will appear (Figure 14.45), and you can move it to a convenient spot on your screen.

Figure 14.44. To apply DHTML, make sure the DHTMLEffects toolbar is visible by choosing Format > Dynamic HTMLEffects.

Figure 14.45. The drop-down menu choices in the DHTMLEffects toolbar vary depending on which page element you select.

Select the page element to which you want to apply DHTML (Figure 14.46).

Figure 14.46. To apply an effect, first select a page element.

Use the toolbar’s On drop-down menu to select when the effect will be applied.

Use the toolbar’s Apply drop-down menu to select which effect will be applied.

Depending on your choice in step 4, use the <Choose Settings> drop-down menu to further define the effect.

If you want, select another page element and apply DHTML effects to it by repeating steps 3–5.

Once you’re done setting the effects, click the Preview tab in FrontPage’s main window to see how the effects look (Figure 14.47).

Figure 14.47. Use the Preview tab to see the final effect. In this example, Drop in by word was applied to the headline and Fly in to the graphic.



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