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Chapter 12. OUTPUT > Setting the Advanced Page Controls

Setting the Advanced Page Controls

InDesign gives you advanced controls for choosing which pages should be printed.

To set the pages to be printed:

Choose File > Print.

Click the Advanced Page Control tab (Win) or choose Advanced Page Control from the pop-up list (Mac) . This opens the Advanced Page Control section of the Print dialog box.

Figure 12.12. Click the tab to display the Advanced Page Controls (Win).

Figure 12.13. Use the pop-up list to display the Advanced Page Controls (Mac).

Choose the pages to print as follows:

  • All Pages outputs all the pages in the document.

  • By Section exports specific sections of a document. (For more information on creating sections, see Chapter 8, "Long Documents.")

  • Ranges let you specify certain pages. Use a hyphen to specify a range of pages, such as 4–6. Use a comma to specify individual pages, such as 8, 9.


    You can combine ranges and individual pages in one field .

    Figure 12.14. You can use a combination of page ranges and individual pages when printing files. Here pages 3 through 6, 8, and 10 through 13 are set to be printed.

Set the Options as follows:

  • Both Pages prints the even- and odd-numbered pages.

  • Even Pages Only prints only even-numbered pages.

  • Odd Pages Only prints only odd-numbered pages.


    Use the even or odd options to print odd pages on one side of the paper, and then put the paper back in the printer to print even pages on the other side of the paper.

Click Reader's Spreads to print pages as they would be bound in a publication.



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