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Chapter 12. OUTPUT > Creating a Prepress Package

Creating a Prepress Package

A prepress package is a folder that contains all the elements necessary to print a file. For instance, in addition to the InDesign document, you may need to send placed images and fonts to the service bureau that will print your file.

To package files for printing:

Choose File > Package or click Package in the Preflight dialog box (see figure on page 233). InDesign looks through the document and then opens the Printing Instructions dialog box

Figure 12.32. The Printing Instructions dialog box lets you enter the specific information about the file as well as contact information at your company.

Fill out the contact and file information.

Click Continue. This opens the Create Package Folder dialog box .

Figure 12.33. The Create Package Folder dialog box lets you choose which items should be copied to the document's folder.

Enter a name for the folder that will hold the files.

Check which files you want to copy into the folder along with the InDesign document:

  • Fonts copies the fonts used in the document.

  • Linked Graphics copies placed images that are not embedded in the file.


    If you choose to send fonts, a warning notice appears that reminds you about the legalities of distributing fonts . (See the sidebar on page 240 for a discussion about copying fonts.)

    Figure 12.34. The Font Alert reminds you to check the legality of sending fonts to others.

Check Update Graphic Links in Package to make sure you have the most recent version of the graphic.

Check Include Fonts and Links from Hidden Layers if you have information on layers that are not visible.

Click View Report to launch a text editor to open the report created with the document.

Click Package to assemble all the necessary files in the folder.



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