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Chapter 14. CUSTOMIZING INDESIGN > Setting the Text Preferences

Setting the Text Preferences

You can also set the preferences for how the text is displayed and formatted. These are the Text Preferences.

To set the Text Preferences:

Choose Edit > Preferences > Text. This opens the Preferences dialog box with the Text options visible.

Figure 14.8. The Text Preferences settings of the Preferences dialog box.

Set each of the controls for the size and position of the superscript, subscript, and small caps characters, (For more information on working with text, see chapter 3, "Text.")

Check Anti-Alias Type to add a soft edge to the type displayed on the monitor . This may make the type look better onscreen, but it does not affect the final output of the page.

Figure 14.9. An example of what the Anti-Alias Type setting does to text.

Check Use Typographer's Quotes to automatically change typewriter quotes into the proper open-and-close, curly quote characters .

Figure 14.10. An example of using typographer's quotes.


These are called Smart Quotes in many other applications.


You may want to turn off Smart Quotes or convert them into straight quotes if you export your documents to the Web. Smart Quotes characters may not display correctly when viewed by different browsers on different platforms.

Check Automatically Use Correct Optical Size to set the correct value for the optical size of multiple master fonts.



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